Born in the Land of Wood and Water, Kingston Jamaica, Dwight Phoenix has always been a lover of nature and creative thinking. As he grew older, it was those attributes that created a love for the field of science and the arts; a rare blend. Trying to keep a balance between his interests, he later decided to study engineering at the University of Technology Jamaica, while he continued furthering his appreciation of the arts as his hobby.

It was during his time at university that Dwight decided to write his first book after many attempts at short story-telling. However, his inspiration for a historical fiction that focused on the events of World War II came from his father. After all, it was his father who raised him on countless war movie classics. He recalls seeing his father express extraordinary joy for great movies like Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. He wanted to see his father convey those same feelings towards a spectacle that came from his son, his own bloodline; hence the book ‘I am Not a Soldier’ was born.